Celebrating the women behind the Equites brand

31 August 2023

At Equites, we value each member on our team, knowing that every person brings a unique and important skill set to the table, ensuring that our tenants and investors alike are offered the best service in the fields of  But, as Women’s Month draws to a close, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the Equites ladies who work tirelessly to pave the path to your success.

Employed on a “best fit for the role” basis, over half of our staff complement is made up of women, and in this article you’ll catch a glimpse into what it is to be a part of the Equites team and the broader industry from just a handful of our hard-working female representatives.


Senior Development Manager, Mpilo Ntuli, appreciates working with self-actualised colleagues

Mpilo, who has been a part of the Equites team for five and a half years, has a strong collaborative spirit that she adds to the team dynamic. She also possesses the emotional intelligence required to interact with and extract the most out of different personality types.

“It takes multiple stakeholders to complete a project,” Mpilo said. “Being able to treat stakeholders as individuals and to illustrate that you recognise their individual added-value takes you very far.”

When asked what she appreciates most about being a part of the Equites team, Mpilo put it down to working with self-actualised colleagues who deeply understand and support the company’s vision.

“I appreciate that, despite being a heavily male-dominated industry, there is almost no expectation to exhibit stereotypical masculine traits to be considered and respected. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with the vast range of personality types within the built environment. One meets the most colourful characters,” she added.


Nasreen Mukuddem, Head of Finance, strives to leave a lasting impact on young property professionals’ lives

Nasreen believes that, “One of the strengths we bring as a woman is our compassion and empathy in how we operate and work with people. This is what makes us unique as women and what aids us in building lasting relationships and networks that we can leverage off within the industry. And it’s with the same compassion and empathy that we ensure the job gets done.”

A member of the Equites team for seven years, Nasreen shared that she appreciates the team’s ability to embrace change. She admitted that, “Sometimes I force it on them but they embrace it nonetheless.” She is a big advocate for streamlining processes and incorporating technology to improve efficiencies and she said that the Equites team has always supported her in these efforts, accepting the changes she brings.

When asked what she values most about her female colleagues, Nasreen said that she enjoys that they share and collaborate to upskill and learn from each other. And, talking about her male co-workers, she shared that, “They are fully supportive of our ideas and efforts and sometimes they even turn out to be our biggest cheerleaders.”

Looking more broadly, when considering the industry, Nasreen mentioned that she enjoys opportunities to encourage and guide young property professionals and make a lasting impact in their future careers.


Akua Koranteng, Executive Head of Gauteng, enjoys the opportunities for growth that the industry presents

After being with Equites for approximately five years, Akua can say that it’s an exciting journey. “No day is ever the same,” she said, and that’s exactly what she values about being a part of this team. When asked about what she enjoys about the industry, Akua said she appreciates the opportunity for growth, exposure and meeting like-minded players and individuals in the industry.

Sharing about the strengths Akua feels she adds to the industry as a woman, she said, “My industry experience is vast and spans 20 years within the realm of property finance, asset management and property consulting, having worked for the likes of Merrill Lynch and Rand Merchant Bank and having sat on the boards of two listed real estate services companies."  

Referring to her female colleagues, she said that they are driven and very confident about their experience, possessing a fountain of knowledge. Speaking about her male colleagues, she said that she values their level of compassion and that they recognise the fact that within Equites, they are all equal.


Legal Executive, Susan Smalberger, values the support that colleagues offer one another  

Susan has been a part of the Equites team for one year. She echoed what Akua shared in saying that from one to the next, no day is ever the same, which is what she enjoys about the industry as a whole. “I also value seeing the process of ‘plan to product’ come to fruition,” Susan explained. “It’s very satisfying when the product has been completed and is making a difference to communities.”

Talking more specifically about Equites, she said, “I value the sense of belonging and that diversity is embraced.” Referring to her female colleagues, Susan admires that they are supportive of each other and not competitive as one often finds in male-dominated industries. And when asked about her male colleagues, she shared that, “I appreciate their sense of humour and their unwavering ability to respect gender equality and not stereotype women.”

Susan brings significant experience, passion and mentoring skills to the table, aiming to break stereotypes and to be a role model to younger women.


Leasing Manager, Ziyanda Mkhwane, admires that Equites gives employees the chance to nurture their entrepreneurial spirits

Ziyanda has been with Equites for four and a half years, exuding resilience, confidence and youthfulness. She values the understanding and wisdom that her female counterparts possess and finds that her male colleagues are knowledgeable and never make her or others feel incompetent or “less than”. She also expressed that they are always willing and available to help and are very respectable.

Talking about Equites, Ziyanda enjoys that the company gives team members the space to be creative and to embrace their entrepreneurial spirits. Looking more generally to the industry, she appreciates that it is opening more to females and females of colour. “People are very interested in what you know more than what gender or the colour of your skin. The industry is continuously transforming,” she added.


Jade McFarlane, Property Development Administrator, is moved by seeing the transformation of spaces and communities

Jade values the Equites team’s commitment to transforming the property industry through inclusivity and diversity. She has been with the company for just under three years and enjoys her female colleagues’ eagerness and determination as it inspires other women to go after their dreams and aspirations.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Jade believes that her strengths lie in her unique perspective and attention to detail as these contribute to effective problem-solving and teamwork. Talking about what she values about her male colleagues, Jade acknowledged their supportive and inclusive approach to the work environment which fosters a sense of teamwork and inclusivity.  

“I enjoy being part of the property industry as I get to witness the transformation of spaces and communities. Challenges that may arise along the way present new opportunities to shape the built environment. And, the fast-paced nature of the industry is also a testament to the ever-growing opportunities,” she concluded.

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